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Joél Casanova & BeatHunter Dance

My name is Joél Casanova. From the age of 11 I've been dancing and it has been a wild ride. I've done dance competitions, performed in musicals and ballets, and created original dance videos. I've taught for dance studios, churches, competition teams, theatre companies, public schools, private schools, libraries, and even juvenile detention centers. I've traveled to perform, teach, and speak all because of Dance! 

Before dancing was my job, it was happiness. It was my exercise. It was my connection to family and friends. It was a way to process my emotions, to heal from my hurt, to express my thoughts, and to talk to God. Seeing others use Dance the way I use it is a gift that I am thankful for. That is why I created BeatHunter Dance.

BeatHunter Dance (BHD) is a mobile dance educator. I go to people - near, far, online, and in-person - to teach them to dance. I am making quality dance education accessible to everyone without limiting it to a specific purpose, location, or people group. 

I am providing a new way to look at dance.


BeatHunter Dance Community Membership

What you will find here is Dance... in a way you've never experienced it before:

All my content in one place - blogs, vlogs, video tutorials, and podcast episodes.

Watch the FIRST BeatHunter Dance Talkshow.

Collaborate on the BeatHunter Dance Tour.

Join a community of dancers that are learning dance for their own unique and personal reasons.

Private Lessons in HipHop, Musical Theatre, and Competition Prep.

Quality training through unique online courses in Personal Kinetic Curriculum and Dance Nest with live interaction.

Welcome to the future of Dance.

Meet Your New Dance Professor

I created BeatHunter Dance to meet your need to grow in dance and develop your dance identity. 

Enjoy the community and enjoying dancing.

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